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Denise Coke: The Graphic Design Picasso

Denise Coke: The Graphic Design Picasso

For decades, graphic design has transformed and developed as an art form and continues to flourish as technology and the world of digital art mediums reaches new heights. It is the art of visual communication and digital conception.

​But no one is making a statement in the graphic design world like the younger generation. Meet Denise Coke, a talented and expressive graphic design artist from New York who has taken her skills to create an entrepreneurial business called “$NP Designs.”

Discovering her passion as an artist at such a young age after being self-taught to see the world through doodles and drawings is just the tip of the iceberg to her fascinating story. We caught a moment with Denise to discuss how she molded herself into a young middle school dreamer to a modern day Picasso. Here’s what she had to say:

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BLACK: How is graphic design different from other forms of art?
Denise Coke: Graphic design is a more disciplined art form. It requires more design choices as opposed to illustration.

B: What training have your received?
DC: I’ve been self-taught since I was in middle school. But now I am currently pursuing a BFA in graphic design. ​​​

B: Talk a little about your graphic design business and where you see it going in the next 5 years
DC: I am now freelancing. My company is called $NP Designs. I design based off of demand. I want to continue to either work for a design company and work my way up to Art Director or work for myself and begin the works of starting my own design firm. I also want to give back with my artwork and host charity auctions.


B: If I wanted to purchase a customized design with your company what steps do I take, what is the process and how long?
DC: First you would email my company delasnp@gmail.com. Then going based off the information you give me, I would create a sample estimate. The process depends on how detailed your order is and how much creative input I would give. It can range from the same day to a couple of months. My online portfolio is http://www.behance.net/DeLaSnoop

B: What are a few of your biggest accomplishments?
DC: A few accomplishments I have are designing for the admissions office at the University of Bridgeport, having a client from Australia commissioning me for a logo, winning a scholarship this year, and winning the highest award at the High School of Fashion Industries. ​


​B: So we know you’re a member of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. how have your sorority sisters motivated and pushed you with your talents
DC: My Sorors have really helped me network. They have opened doors for me to work with many members of the Greek community and motivated me to push myself. ​

B: When did you know art was your passion?
DC: I’ve been drawing my entire life. I would say I knew art was my field in middle school when I was applying for high schools and preparing portfolios. My art teacher saw I had a creative and keen eye for detail. I still have books of doodles I did from when I was younger.

Don’t quit! It sounds so cliché but a lot of graphic designers give up because it isn’t making them enough money. I know it’s hard especially being African American AND a female but despite how long it may take, people will notice your passion. People want something different and crave new trends. So let your designs be that new trend in signs and logos. Design needs new faces. ​

Denise’s work is a prime example of how art appears in all shapes, sizes and forms. As she embarks on her voyage and works her way up the creative business ladder, we hope to join her artistic journey and keep track of all of her accomplishments. Keep up the good work Denise!




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