Ayo dela$np you wanna come outside?
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They got the nerve to tell me press my brakes–but if I do, how rent gettin’ paid

Jim Jones

$NP Designs is a visual design agency based in NYC. Our focus is to bring design to support social causes and small businesses. We range in everything from branding to motion graphics to illustration. We have been a professional design agency since 2011. Our clients include but are not limited to: The Madison Square Garden Company, Rene Furterer, The University of Bridgeport, and NeNe LA Shiro. Our work can be seen internationally in Puerto Rico, South Korea, and Australia.

Visual Designer

Draw so hard, these sharpeners wanna find me.

Denise Coke
CEO & Founder

Am I DeLaSnoop, delaSNP, $NP Designs, Denise?… I guess you can say I’m all of the above. Officially, my name is Denise Coke and I go by deLa$NP. The $NP (pronounced snoop) derives from a nickname growing up. I’ve been professionally designing since high school; dabbing into fashion and starting a small clothing line. My illustration skills started when I was a young girlI am a full time cat mom and part time introverted socialite.